Cancer Treatment Centers of America Partners with Intel to For Home Telecare Solution

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) has announced that is deploying the Intel® Health Guide to provide patients with the information and resources they need to make educated decisions about their cancer care.  The system allows physicians and clinicians to proactively monitor their patients’ care at home and gather data and modify the care provided through the system.  CTCA plans to deploy Intel Health Guide systems to patients throughout the country as the latest initiative in its HopeLink program which includes video conferencing.

“Our partnership with Intel allows us to proactively bring our services to patients in their homes while enabling them to participate in their own care,” said Edgar Staren, MD, PhD, FACS, chief medical officer of CTCA. “This program is a natural extension of our fully integrated treatment model – Patient Empowered CareSM– which puts patients at the center of care, empowering them with information about their condition and treatment as they experience greater communication with and access to their care team.”

The Intel Health Guide combines an in-home patient device, the Intel® Health Guide PHS6000, with the Intel® Health Care Management Suite, an online interface that allows clinicians to securely monitor patients in their homes and manage care remotely.  The system will also provide integration of patient data into CTCA’s electronic health records to provide both patients and oncology care team members with the information and resources.


“We are deeply committed to working with Cancer Treatment Centers of America to help them deliver quality healthcare and improve the lives of their patients with innovative technologies such as the Intel Health Guide,” said Doug Busch, vice president and chief technology officer of Intel’s Digital Health Group. “Allowing CTCA to stay connected to their patients in the home through the Intel Health Guide showcases our company’s promise to support healthy, independent living in homes worldwide.”