Most Popular Stories for 2010 on Senior Housing News

Popular Senior Housing Stories 2010It’s that time of year again to take a look back at the most popular stories on SHN this past year.   See what’s in the top 10 and our commentary to make you smile.

1.  10 Senior Housing & Senior Living Trends To Watch In 2010  -  Guess what?  Our 2011 Trends will be hot off the word processor in early January.

2.  Del Webb Survey Previews Boomer Preferences On Retirement Housing – You can’t always get what want, but if you try sometime well you just might find, you get what you need…


3.  MEDCottage ‘Granny Pod’ Getting Attention in Virginia – Lots of interest in putting Granny in the backyard….assuming she didn’t get run over by the reindeer this weekend.

4.  Review Of Senior Technology Products & Silvers Summit @ CES 2010….  – SHN is back to CES this year to cover 2011’s event and moderate a panel.  Lookout for updates form geek heaven in early January. 

5.  Where to Go For Most Affordable Housing? Enjoy the Winter in Detroit  – Affordable housing…where can you get it?  Very popular trend / topic across SHN this year.


6.  Jane Fonda, Oprah Bond on Aging and Senior Fitness  – Who doesn’t love these two media mavens? 

7.  Classic Residence by Hyatt Changes Name to Vi – Hmm.  We got nothing here.

8.  Senior Housing Industry Outlook & Trends For 2009 – Seriously?  In the words of Fergie….that’s so two thousand and late.

9.  Lady Gaga Nursing Home Visit Ignites the Media  – No meat dress at the nursing home but her high heels were enough to bring some shock therapy to residents.

10.  US Bank To Administer $86 Million Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Fund for Google – Google and Low Income Senior Housing.  Who wouldn’t want to see how these two tie together?