AARP Study: Seniors Want to Stay at Home, Local

It is no surprise that seniors want to remain in place but new data is providing further support that seniors want to remain active and involved in their local communities.  A new survey from the AARP entitled “Home and Community Preferences of the 45+ Population” shows that almost three quarters of the respondents want to remain in their current residence for as long as possible and over sixty percent would like to remain in the local community as long as possible.  Approximately 25% of respondents stated that they would stay in their local community because they could not afford to move.

The survey also examined preferences of home features that included the location of bathrooms, door handles, sidewalks and doorways and found that over 80% of respondents had  a full bath on the main level of their home.  Other features such as entrances without steps, wider doorways and handles instead of knobs for cabinet pulls were much less common according to respondents in the survey. 

For the full survey, visit: “Home and Community Preferences of the 45+ Population