Rhythmic Exercise For Seniors Shows Improvement in Balance, Reduces Falls

Most people enjoy exercising while listening to music but that combination may have added benefits for seniors based upon the results of a new study.  Researchers in Switzerland have published a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine that shows that a exercise program set to music provides measurable improvements for seniors in balance and functional tests during a six month trial period.  The program involved 134 individuals broken into two groups for testing that involved exercises performed to the rhythm of piano music to measure their ability to improve balance, control and reduce the risk of falls.  The results of the study showed improvement in both groups with lasting positive effects extending at least 6 months past the culmination of the exercise trials.  Looks like a new market for the Nike Plus Ipod…but what about their power song?  Safe to say “Free Fallin’” by Tom Petty will not be on the short list.