Sonamba Launches New Caregiving Monitoring System


Sonamba, a new monitoring system by pomdevices, recently made its debut as a next generation personal monitoring device for seniors living independently.  The standalone system encompasses an all inclusive home monitoring system that allows interaction between the caregiver and the senior.  The systems’s base station operates from a 7 inch LCD display that provides an emergency response system, medication reminders, games, a digital photo frame and personal information systems including calendar, email and text messaging built into one device that integrates with sensors.  The sensors can be easily configured to monitor activities of daily living and provide updates to caregivers via an Iphone application.  The device operates through a cellular modem and costs $459 with a monthly subscription charge of $39 a month.

The Sonamba was named as a finalist for the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® third annual i-stage competition, a technology event featuring the most innovative consumer technology products.