Visonic Technologies Launches Elpas Door Kit For a Single-Door Patient Protection System

Visonic Technologies announced last month the availability of its Elpas Door Kit Wandering Patient Starter Solution to provide a simple, hospital-grade real-time patient safety and security monitoring solution.  The starter kit allows regular movement of care givers, guests, other residents or family members through a protected doorway while preventing un-supervised wanderers from leaving the protected area.  In the event the monitored person approaches or passes through the doorway unescorted, the solution’s automatic alert is triggered.  The out-of-box solution provides an easy installation with minimal facility impact and no need for a computer server or programming.

"The Elpas Door Kit is a complete ‘Starter Solution’ packaged with everything needed to install a single-door, wandering patient solution by an electrician or security/alarm technician," said Michael Wasserstein, CEO of Visonic Technologies. "And since every healthcare facility is different, the Elpas Door Kit can easily adapt to the ‘Best Practices’ of any healthcare facility."