Bellevue High School Honors Residents From Aegis of Bellevue for Veteran’s Day

Aegis of Bellevue and Bellevue High School are proud  to celebrate their resident veterans.  Many Americans who are celebrating Veteran’s Day this year are doing so amongst a group of friends in their retirement communities.  On November 9th Aegis of Bellevue and the staff and student body of Bellevue High School will celebrate the lives of local veterans who have served the United States at home and abroad over the many decades.

The assembly will be held from 9:00am– 10:00am.  Aegis of Bellevue veterans will arrive at Bellevue High School by limo and be escorted by students to the school gymnasium.  A photo and biography of each veteran will be shared and the National Anthem will be played for all attendees.

"We’re proud to be the home for many of America’s war veterans and those who served in support of them," says Marc Nowak at Aegis of Bellevue.  "These are the people who sacrificed to preserve the freedoms we enjoy each day.  We want to share their stories, celebrate their accomplishments and recognize their dedicated service.  We greatly appreciate the 1500 students of Bellevue High School recognizing our residents."


Aegis of Bellevue is home to 16 veterans who have served in all of the branches of the armed forces. Each of the veterans has a unique story to share about their service. Retired USMC Major Falk flew 44 different aircraft. He frequently landed on aircraft carriers, refueled his planes in midair, and had to emergency eject out of planes on two occasions. He had the honor of meeting then President Eisenhower.

src:  Aegis PR