VQ ActionCare Expands Its Line-up of Senior Fitness Equipment

VQ ActionCare has announced that it is shipping its latest product called the SmoothRider II.   The custom-designed exercise cycle is the newest accessory for the Resistance Chair® to give users additional cardio and leg exercise.  The SmoothRider II creates resistance through magnetic force, rather than friction and is also suitable for heavy use, such as gyms and rehabilitation centers, and includes a digital cycle meter for speed, time and calories burned. The SmoothRider II has an upright row bar for rows and lateral pull exercises and has a retail price of $239.95.

“The SmoothRider II adds to our already impressive portfolio of mature adult fitness and lifestyle products,” said Andrew Siminoff, media director, VQ ActionCare. “We continue to design quality, affordable equipment to help the mature adult population increase mobility, strengthen muscles, improve balance and achieve all-around better health. The SmoothRider II Exercise Cycle matches up remarkably well with our benchmark product, the Resistance Chair.”