Mirador Honors Volunteer from Driscoll Children’s Hospital

The children at Driscoll Children’s Hospital always look forward to seeing one particular volunteer. With his numerous funny hats and battery-operated toys, David Hoffman always brings smiles when he comes to visit.  Because of this selfless devotion, Mirador senior living community is recognizing Hoffman as the third recipient of the 2010 Mirador Salute to Seniors Award.  Burma Barnett, volunteer coordinator for Driscoll Children’s Hospital, nominated Hoffman for the honor.

“Mr. Hoffman is best known for always wearing one of his funny hats, like a pig hat with wings, a chicken hat, a pirate hat, or a football hat for the enjoyment of children and families” said Barnett.  “He is an exceptional volunteer who has brought millions of smiles to the families at Driscoll Children’s Hospital.”

The Mirador Salute to Seniors Award is presented quarterly to honor an individual who is making a difference in their community.  Qualified nominees are active adults age 62 and above who volunteer their time and talents to their communities, and who also exemplify leadership, spirit, and citizenship.


“Mr. Hoffman spends countless hours with the families at Driscoll delivering movies to help them pass the time and cheering them up with his numerous funny hats, battery-operated toys, and his positive spirit,” said Wendy Gainan, director of sales and marketing at Mirador.  “His desire to improve the lives of others is an inspiration to everyone at Mirador.”

Mr. Hoffman started volunteering at Driscoll Children’s Hospital 5 years ago after a friend recommended it. After volunteering at multiple places, he discovered that working with the children at Driscoll’s was the most rewarding.

“I hope to bring a smile to their faces in a place where there are not a lot of smiles sometimes,” said Hoffman. “Volunteers do what they enjoy doing. It’s so much different than when you’re working for a paycheck. I love it; you can go in there in a bad mood and those kids will bring you up in 15 minutes or less.”


The children look forward to Hoffman’s visits. He always arrives in one of his 65 funny hats. He has Dr. Seuss hats, two Dumbos (one with great big ears and another with a string that makes the ears fly), a “when pigs fly” hat, and a pizza hat, just to name a few. He also has a few toys that he brings including a duck that sings and squawks when you pick it up by the neck, Elmo dancing the hokey pokey, a Tiger that does somersaults, and a singing chipmunk. One of Hoffman’s fondest memories at Driscoll is playing Santa Claus for the last 3 years.

Source:  Mirador