Where to Go For Most Affordable Housing? Enjoy the Winter in Detroit

Seniors and Baby Boomers are looking for ways to live cheaply but at what cost?  According to a new survey by Coldwell Banker, looks like they’ll be heading to the Midwest.  According to the survey, the top five most affordable markets for single family, 2 bed room homes are:

Rank City State Median Price
1 Detroit MI $68,007
2 Grayling MI $84,625
3 Sioux City IA $85,967
4 Cleveland OH $87,240
5 Muncie IN $100,314


The most expensive markets:  Palo Alto, California and Newport Beach, California at median prices of $1,479,227 and $1,826,348 respectively. 


It seems the there’s a premium for mild winters and blue skies when it comes to affordable housing.

For the full details, visit Coldwell Banker’s Most Expensive and Affordable Homes Report