The Buckingham Honors Bill Davidson

billdavidsonFor the past 12 years, one Houston man has been giving his time and musical talents by playing twice monthly piano concerts for local seniors at Amazing Place. Because of his dedicated volunteerism, The Buckingham senior living community is recognizing Bill Davidson as the third recipient of The Buckingham 2010 Salute to Seniors Award.  Emile Unverzagt, activity director for Amazing Place, nominated Davidson for the honor.

“Bill has a caring soul that shines through and makes each participant feel as though he is there just for them,” said Unverzagt. “His skills and understanding of the unique needs of the participants we serve is a real treasure. While his piano playing ability and knowledge of music are impeccable, what sets Bill apart is his ability to incorporate all of the subtle nuances that transform a beautiful piano concert into something so much more meaningful.”

The Buckingham Salute to Seniors Award is presented quarterly to honor an individual who is making a difference in their community.  Qualified nominees are active adults age 62 and above who volunteer their time and talents to their communities, and who also exemplify leadership, spirit, and citizenship.


“Mr. Davidson is a great example of someone who uses his talents to give back,” said Cathy Lightfoot, director of sales and marketing at The Buckingham.  “He uses his love of the piano and dynamic performances to bless others, and although he’s there to serve, he truly enjoys his time there giving the gift of music.”

Davidson, 75, starting playing for Amazing Place, originally called Seniors Place, when they met in the meeting room of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, around 12 years ago. The people there enjoyed his playing so much that he began playing for them twice a month.

“I think it’s important to find what you do well and figure out how you can use it to make other people happy,” says Davidson. “It’s not a chore, it’s a pleasure to do it and feel like you’re contributing something rather than sitting home watching television.”


Davidson also plays at Holly Hall retirement center and teaches some classes at St. Luke’s during the week and on Sundays. He says, “I felt I had to find something I was good at. I can play piano and I can teach. Those are two talents that I have. That’s where my service goes.”