One Third Of 45+ Demographic Have Made Home Improvements To Live There Longer

What’s on the minds of the 45+ mindset this summer?  According to the AARP Closer Look June 2010 survey, the respondents concerns include economic issues such as having to stop contributing to retirement savings (28%), having work hours cut or having to take a pay cut (20%), and having problems paying for essential items like food and utilities (20%).  Additional concerns of the 45+ demographic about their communities included:

  • 26% said that access to affordable housing was a major problem if the needed or chose to move
  • 33% said that they have made improvements to their current home that would enable them to stay in that home longer
  • 17% noted that access to practical and convenient public transportation options in their community was a problem

For the full scoop on the survey results, visit the AARP Closer Look June 2010 Survey