Short Term Stays in Senior Housing a Necessary Part of Senior Care?

Summer vacation season came to an end with Labor Day weekend and some caregivers have sought and found assistance during the summer through the use of short-term stays at an assisted living center, retirement community or nursing home as a solution.  These short term stays not only provide the care giver some rest and relaxation, but provide senior housing companies with opportunities to make a lasting first impression.  With the holidays approaching and no clear direction for the broader economy, care givers are looking for short-term, interim solutions to relieve some of the guilt, stress and pressure they place on themselves by utilizing some of these options during vacation and holiday time periods for much needed breaks.

Some senior living communities view these brief encounters as ‘staycations’ and critical sales opportunities for seniors that live in their immediate area that may be hesitant to move in right away.  Other senior housing communities market their short term stays as an opportunity for both seniors and care givers to learn about the benefits associated with migrating from shared care to an on-site.