President and Mrs. George H.W. Bush to Serve as Honorary Chairs of the 2011 Summer National Senior Games in Houston

The National Senior Games Association is thrilled to announce President and Mrs. George H.W. Bush have agreed to serve as Honorary Chairs of the June 16-30, 2011, Summer National Senior Games presented by Humana in Houston.

"The Bushes embody the spirit the National Senior Games celebrates – two individuals who have remained very active well into their 80s and who are seen regularly around Houston," said Dan Wolterman, chairman of the Houston Local Organizing Committee. "We feel privileged President and Mrs. Bush agreed to serve as the Honorary Chairs for the 2011 National Senior Games." The Games, which is the largest multi-sport event in the world for adults 50 and over is a biennial event celebrating healthy, active lifestyles, competition and sportsmanship. "Who better to reflect that image than President and Mrs. Bush?"


The Games will feature athletes from across the country who finished in the top four of their age group and those who meet the minimum performance standards. 2011 National Senior Games competitions include 18 medal sports and two demonstration sports.

"President Bush is an icon of the American sportsman and has been physically active his entire life," said Phil Godfrey, NSGA President and Chief Executive Officer. "He and Mrs. Bush have instilled that passion in their children and countless others. They know our quality of life will be enhanced as we grow older through regular physical activity. The NSGA is grateful to them for their support of our mission."

More than ever before, Americans are placing an emphasis on leading a healthy, active lifestyle. Humana, Inc. has been a partner of the NSGA, helping to keep the spirit of the challenge and the message of well-being alive since 2007.


"Health and well-being are the ultimate reward, and we applaud every athlete participating across the nation leading up to the 2011 Games in Houston," said Pattie Dale Tye, president of Humana of Houston and Dallas-Ft. Worth. "Houston will be positively alive with the spirit of sportsmanship and healthy competition next June thanks to the Senior Games!"

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