The Legacy at Willow Bend Welcomes Human Rights Activist Rick Halperin

The Legacy at Willow Bend recently welcomed Rick Halperin, SMU professor and human rights activist, to a discussion on current events throughout the world. The Legacy regularly hosts notable experts and authors to share directly with senior members.

The subject of human rights is Halperin’s biggest passion in life. He has traveled all over the world witnessing first-hand past and present violations of these basic human rights. Halperin’s discussion touched on subjects of violence towards women, the war on terrorism, The Holocaust, and current issues in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.


Bob Weinfeld and Rick Halperin

“I consider dedication to human rights my sole purpose in life,” said Halperin. “There are guaranteed human rights violations when there is conflict, however, these struggles around the world are improving immensely.”

Every year, Halperin takes a group of SMU students and whoever else would like to join to Poland and surrounding countries where they visit WWII concentration camps and learn about the Holocaust, perhaps the largest violation of human rights in history.