Sherwood Oaks Retirement Community Announces Employee Scholarship Awards

Residents of Sherwood Oaks announced the awards of scholarship money to employees showing dedication to the pursuit of degrees in diverse disciplines at college, vocational school, or an accredited training program.  Sherwood Oaks employees are eligible for scholarship grants after completing one year of continuous employment service. Eligible employees must complete an application and provide verification of educational acceptance and letters of recommendation for consideration.

Over the past ten years, the Sherwood Oaks Scholarship Fund has awarded a total of $275,746 to employees in educational grants. Employees work in all facets of the retirement community including food service, nursing, housekeeping, and administration.


“The scholarship program was created so that residents could show their appreciation for the hard work demonstrated by Sherwood Oaks employees,” said resident Olive Tiller. It was Tiller who initiated the idea of a fund to reward dedicated employees by helping them with educational tuition and two other residents, Margaret McCoy and Ralph Peabody, made the first contributions with donations given in memory of their respective spouses.

“This is the tenth year that we have provided scholarship money to employees. The scholarship fund is made possible solely by the generous donations of the residents of Sherwood Oaks. We are pleased to be able to work collaboratively with employees and help them with their future aspirations by providing scholarship grants,” explained Tiller.

Employee scholarship recipients are: Anna Brunette, Carly Burns, Sarah Cave, Abbigail Charlton, Jennifer Cwik, Brandon DaLonzo, Loraine Devens, Andrew Driscoll, Kathleen Elkin, Meagen Finnerty, Melanie Francis, Suzanne Francis, Kyle Frishkorn, Erica Glista, Kathy Jones, Nick Jones, Jordan King, Krista King, Nicole Koutsourais, Rebekah Lane, Jenna Leddon, Jillian Martin, Melissa Jean McCreary, Matthew Melnyk, Kelsea Meyer, Raechelle Meyer, Samantha Mitchell, Laura Moeller, Thinh Nguyen, Michael Paine, Nick Panos, Jill Ann Peretik, Taylor Puskar, Stephanie Reese, Paige Rogers, Courtney Schaefer, Thomas Schorr, Chelsea Schreiner, Stephanie Schultz, Lyndsay Shackelford, Shallie Shipley, Melissa Stranko, Alison Subach, Angela Terenzio, Michael Wolski, and Ashley Young.


Employees shared in $46,000 of scholarship money donated by residents. Each employee winner received $1,000 for educational tuition.