New Survey Shows Nursing Homes Are Getting Better Recommendations All Around

nursinghome1 Referrals are the best source of business and nursing homes are no different.  The 2009 National Survey of Consumer and Workforce Satisfaction in Nursing Homes, recently released by My Innerview, shows a majority (85%) of consumers (residents and their families) report their willingness to recommend their facility as either “excellent” or “good.” Sixty-eight percent (68%) of employees recommend their facility as a place to work as either “excellent” or “good.” The recommendation of nursing homes shows incremental improvements every year since My InnerView began conducting research on these trends in 2005.  The report shows an increase in employees willing to recommend the facility as a place to work and satisfaction among nurses and nursing assistants remains lower than the satisfaction of employees in other job categories.

“This is by far the largest database ever collected about the willingness to recommend a facility by residents, families and employees in America’s nursing homes,” said Neil Gulsvig, president, My InnerView. “This report is useful to consumers — who want more information when choosing a nursing home — as well as providers and policymakers — who are warranted to demonstrate value to these consumers and taxpayers. The data allow nursing home leaders and public policymakers to more precisely target quality issues and workforce retention efforts.”


Download the 2009 National Report (PDF)