Almost 50% of Retirees At Risk of Running Out of Retirement Funds

Be afraid.  Be very afraid if the latest research from the Employee Retirement Benefits Institute is correct that nearly one-half (47.2 percent) of the Early Baby Boomers are simulated to be “at risk” of not having sufficient retirement resources to pay for “basic” retirement expenditures as well as uninsured health care costs.  The report paints a bleak picture that might serve as a wake up call to some but this year’s results are more optimistic than those simulated for the same groups seven years earlier: In 2003, 59.2 percent of the Early Boomers were simulated to be “at risk,” as well as 54.7 percent of the Late Boomers, and 57.4 percent of the Generation Xers.

2010 Employee Retirement Benefits Institute Report