2010 SharpBrains Market Report Forecasts Continued Growth In Brain Fitness

The folks at SharpBrains recently released their “State of Brain Fitness Market 2010” report that outlines the current landscape of the brain fitness market place and highlights some of recent innovative ideas through its 2010 Brain Fitness Innovation awards.  Some of the award winners and finalists include specific project work done for senior living by vendors and communities.  The report estimates that size of the world wide digital brain health and fitness software market in 2009 was $295 million which represents a 35% growth rate since 2008 and annualized growth rate of 31%.  The authors of the report view brain fitness as a cradle to grave concept, not just for maintaining (or sharpening) mental acuity in the latter years of life.  With growth rates and market potential like this, look for continued growth and competition for attention in the brain health marketplace, especially in the area of senior living.

SharpBrains 5 page executive summary