Scientists Uncover Genes to Longevity…Way to Hedge Healthcare and Housing Costs?

Last week, Boston University scientist announced that they have discovered the genetic signature of longevity in the most recent Science magazine.  The tests developed as part of the study were able to identify 150 genetic markers that predict longevity with a 77% accuracy.  With the ability to predict genetic disposition to aging, people are going to face difficult decisions about careers, retirement savings, medical treatment and housing.  The scientists intend to offer the free test but will be required to provide their complete DNA genome to the project which can costs several thousand dollars.

With the ability to predict longevity, this will factor into critical retirement decisions (if you get the test done) and could lead to substantial moral and ethical questions.  But with the data, more intelligent decisions about retirement planning such as housing, long term care costs and expenditure forecasting may become more accurate.  With the ability to predict longevity over 75% of the time, this genetic data test will accelerate discussion of genetic research and planning for an aging America. 

Boston University Researchers Identify Genetic Signatures of Human Exceptional Longevity