Emeritus Senior Living Partners with Fit Brains For Brain Health

Emeritus Senior Living (NYSE:ESC) recently announced a partnership with Fit Brains, an online gaming site that offers visitors a variety of games developed to improve brain health, which is an area of focus for Emeritus Senior Living. The Fit Brains games, which are offered on the Emeritus website, were developed by brain health experts and proven to improve brain function while targeting the five major cognitive brain functions — memory, concentration, language, executive functions and visual-spatial skills.  Emeritus is emphasizing activities with a goal to stimulate the brain daily through physical fitness, mental stimulation, socialization, nutrition and spirituality.

"We have recently made a commitment to fostering a brain healthy lifestyle at our communities and in our offices and believe that by adding games we can help to make brain health fun and easy, in order to encourage individuals to incorporate brain health activities into their everyday lives," commented Jayne Sallerson, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Emeritus Senior Living. "By adding brain health games to our website, we are reminding our residents, their families, our employees, and all of our site visitors about the importance of brain health and providing an additional tool that will allow people of all ages to keep their brains fit and healthy."