Style and Safety Come Together with GPS Shoes For Alzheimer’s Care

GPSShoes Remember Spike Lee’s “It’s the Shoes” commercial featuring Michael Jordan?  Those shoes were special because everyone wanted to Be Like Mike.  Today, everyone wants to be safe, especially those caring for persons with Alzheimer’s disease.  By embedding a part of a Personal Emergency Response Monitoring System (PERS) in a shoe (rather than a phone/device), the GPS Shoe responds to geo-fence perimeters established by caregivers and relays the location and alerts via Google maps to smart phones and computers.  Currently scheduled for retail sale this summer, the Aetrex Ambulator® GPS Shoe will provide millions of caregivers the means to help easily find those afflicted with Alzheimer’s that wander and become lost. The GPS Shoe will be available through the Aetrex owned website website and a select group of assisted living facilities.

GTX Corp (OTCBB: GTXO), a provide of customizable, embedded 2-way GPS Personal Location Services (PLS) solutions, is bringing personal GPS tracking solutions to the 5.3 million seniors afflicted with dementia by signing a four year, license agreement with Aetrex Worldwide, Inc.  GTX Corp’s eight patents for the GPS Shoe cover a GPS transceiver module that is placed within the footwear and transmission of location coordinates to a central monitoring station which disseminates the location data through the use of proprietary software, cellular connectivity, the GTX Corp middleware platform and the secure viewing portal.


“We believe a miniaturized GPS tracking device embedded inside a therapeutic shoe is the ideal solution for the millions afflicted with this terrible disease, and we are very pleased, after many years of R & D, to partner up with a company like Aetrex which has devoted 64 years to making foot health products,” states Patrick Bertagna Chairman and CEO of GTX Corp.

“Aetrex’s mission has always been to develop footwear and foot care products that combine unrivaled technology with innovative designs,” said Evan Schwartz, President of Aetrex Worldwide Inc. “This partnership is a terrific opportunity for Aetrex to use our expertise to extend the brand beyond the comfort category and help a segment of our population that is in need.”