Dakim BrainFitness Releases PC Version of Its Mental Acuity Software

Want to train your brain or a loved one’s at home?  Dakim BrainFitness recently announced that its software is now being offered for sale via its website for PCs and Macs for use on home and portable computers.  The new software, a DVD package containing 6.5GB worth of content, helps maintain mental acuity with entertaining, scientifically based brain games designed specifically to appeal to people over age 60. Designed for use at home, the DVD is based on Dakim’s award winning brain fitness solution that was previously only available to senior living providers as part of an integrated hardware/software touch screen computer.  Dakim is offering the software for an introductory pricing of $249.95, which includes one user license and a full year of updates to Dakim’s award-winning content.

"People over age 60 are most at risk for the development of dementia, and they know that getting the most out of life depends on keeping their minds sharp," said Dakim CEO Dan Michel. "Given years of medical research showing that long-term participation in cognitive stimulation is associated with as much as a 63% reduced risk of dementia, regular brain workouts are the most promising strategy available for preserving brain health. We have spent nearly a decade developing Dakim BrainFitness for people over age 60, specifically for that purpose, and now anyone with a computer can use it to help maintain brain health and to build their defenses against mental decline."