Sex and the Senior? Survey Reveals Single Adults 45+ Acting Like Samantha Jones

sex and the city 2 poster Are Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte eligible to be AARP members yet?  Maybe Sex and the City 3 should be more focused on sex than fashion based upon the latest AARP Sex Survey of Americans over 45 (and the tepid reviews of SATC2).  The study shows that overall sexual frequency and sexual satisfaction with this same demographic have decreased slightly since 2004, but for a majority of midlife and older adults, sex is a necessary component to living a happy and healthy life, and sexual satisfaction plays a critical role in relationships and overall quality of life (85% of men and 61% of women say this is so).  The highest single predictor of sexual satisfaction is the frequency of intercourse — More than once a week seems to be the key with 84% of people who have sex at least once a week reporting they are satisfied, compared with 59% of those who engage in intercourse just once or twice a month.

Sexual satisfaction declines dramatically with age with male satisfaction dropping from 60% satisfaction at ages 45-49 to 26% for people 70+. Women start at lower numbers with a 48% satisfaction rate among women ages 45-49 vs. 27% at age 70+.

Note to writers for Sex and the City 3…research: Sex, Romance, and Relationships: AARP Survey of Midlife and Older.