Boomer Women Are Not Ready To Leave Their Home Yet, Want to Stay and Garden

Baby Boomer women, like others in the 55+ age group, aren’t looking to leave their current homes anytime soon.  Almost 1/3 of the women respondents of a recent survey by stated that they are planning to remain in their current home over the next ten years with a similar number planning to move and the remaining not sure of their plans. Of those who plan to move, 30% want to try out a new city/region, another 30% want to find a house and/or yard which is easier to maintain and 17% want to be closer to family. Only 8% plan to move for health-related reasons.

“While Boomers are often confused in the marketplace with their aging parents, we know that Vibrant Women are still active in the mainstream part of their lives,” said Stephen Reily, Founder and CEO of “When they do move, they are likely to explore options in interesting and stimulating locations that are walking distance to amenities such as cultural activities, restaurants, and parks.”


Approximately 1/3 of Boomer women respondents reported that When asked about gardening, 83% currently garden and expect gardening to remain important to them. While 45% are interested in exploring more low maintenance options, 41% say gardening will always be part of their lives. Only 6% said they are “over it.”

According to the Vibrant Nation survey, 89% of Boomer women spend up to $500 a year on plants and garden supplies, excluding maintenance:

  • 53% frequent garden centers and nurseries
  • 22% shop at hardware stores
  • 13% rely on catalogs
  • 11% shop online