Pfizer And Acacia Living Partner To Support Independent Senior Living

Pfizer Inc. and Acacia Living, Inc. (Acacia) recently announced a strategic alliance to develop an innovative holistic technology solution dedicated to helping seniors age positively and independently.  Acacia Living is developing an at-home assisted living connectivity platform to support the ability of a growing aging population to live independently, by improving what Acacia calls access to C.A.R.E.: Community, Activities, Resources, and Education.

The Acacia platform is expected to support an expanding community of content, services, e-commerce transactions, social collaboration and engagement tools, as well as comprehensive financial, health and wellness decision-making and support tools. By enabling Acacia Living to access Pfizer’s networks, resources and expertise in medicines and healthcare, Pfizer hopes to play an even greater role in improving the lives of individuals and families facing the inevitable challenges of aging.


“At Acacia Living, we recognize that as the population continues to age, it faces a growing universe of physical, economic and medical challenges that can be difficult to navigate. Our solution is Acacia, a connectivity platform intended to improve access to the tools and resources seniors need to help them live more productive healthier lives than they can today,” says Acacia Living’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, Rick Slager, who has provided care and support services to seniors and their families for nearly 30 years.

“Seniors represent a rapidly growing population globally whose independence and complete health and wellness needs are not fully understood,” says Usama Malik, vice president of Worldwide Innovation at Pfizer. “The Acacia platform is intended to be the first of its kind to holistically engage and empower seniors, their families and caregivers to enable seniors to live happier, healthier, more independent lives. Pfizer is committed to providing seniors with high quality and affordable consumer-directed health and wellness solutions, and this innovative partnership with Acacia Living further demonstrates our commitment to empowering patients and consumers.”