Book Review: Making Rounds With Oscar


A cat with a sixth sense…about those who are about to depart?  Sounds unbelievable, right?  The book "Making Rounds With Oscar: The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat", written by Dr. David Dosa, chronicles the interactions of Oscar and the residents of a Rhode Island nursing Home.  Oscar has accurately predicted almost 50 deaths over a five year period causing nursing home staff to pay attention to Oscar’s visits.  The stories outline some patient stories but more often than not, Oscar leaps into bed with the patient and purrs, giving companionship in the patient’s last moments before they depart.


Dr. David Dosa is the author and geriatrician that cares for patients suffering late stage dementia and began observing Oscar with the skeptical eye.  Over the course of time, Dr. Dosa observed that Oscar’s ability was always right.  The book provides some anecdotal scientific explanation as to the possibilities that give

The book is touching and engaging both for cat lovers and those in the senior care industry.  The book is well-written, compassionate and an easy read; keep an handkerchief handy as its a tear jerker.  Good gift idea for those who like to read and have loved ones or those who care for those with dementia.