Masonicare Healthcare Center Selects InteGreat EHR

 Masonicare Healthcare Center, a senior services provider in Connecticut, announced that it is implementing InteGreat EHR for its web-based electronic health record management system.  The Masonicare Health Center, which provides acute care, skilled nursing, assisted living, independent living, outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation, and several specialty clinics and therapies, will use the system to manage workflows to improve clinical and operational outcomes.  InteGreat EHR has has been deployed to over 13,000 users nationwide on its application service provider (ASP) model that allows an EHR solution without the need for IT issues to support the system.

"We selected MED3OOO as our healthcare management partner last year for Revenue Cycle Management, Practice Management Oversight, and Coding Services, and have been tremendously pleased with the results and improvements we have seen with our operations," said Bill Piper, Senior Vice President for Continuum Services for Masonicare. "It only made sense to select the InteGreat EHR technology, knowing that MED3OOO will continue to provide us direction and strategy to make sure the product will be successfully implemented and meet Meaningful Use requirements. The advantage of partnering with MED3OOO is that they have operational expertise and understand workflows.