Snapfon Releases New Mobile For Senior Market

Easy to see, easy to use.Snapfon™, a division of VisiKey® LLC, recently announced the release of its new mobile/cellular telephone aimed at the senior citizen marketplace.  Dubbed the “Snapfon™ ez ONE”, the device has large text and large keys with an easy to read display this phone simply makes all aspects of calling easier, and is still a small, attractive, and convenient device.  The phone is priced at $99.99 and is an unlocked phone that can be moved between service providers if the user decides to change plans. It is currently being sold without service but can be used on the AT&T and T-Mobile GSM networks as well as all other GSM cellular networks in the USA and Canada. The company does not have an estimated time frame for other carriers or CDMA network compatibility.

“We feel there is a growing group of cell phone users that want a phone to just be a phone, not a music player, camera, or mini-computer. We have incorporated a few unique features into our Snapfon™ product such as an SOS button that calls up to 4 emergency contacts and keeps calling in rotation until you get an answer, a high intensity LED flashlight, and even an FM radio. All of which are present for safety and convenience reasons. We are seeing a greater focus on safety as our population ages, and a growing desire for emergency response devices," says company founder and President, Phil Sieg.