Book Review: Next Steps Good Primer For Planning To Work With Elder Care Advisors

Next_Steps_Cover Looking for a primer on planning how to prepare for your financial future and your estate?  Next Steps:  A Practical Guide to Planning the Best Half of Your Life provides a clear, concise read on strategy planning and other considerations for retirement.  The book, written by Jan Warner & Jan Collins, focuses heavily on building a team of trusted advisors, more specifically an elder care lawyer and financial planner.  The book identifies many common strategies and addresses difficult topics such as how to pay for care, divorce / marital problems and talks about important documents for elder care as a whole.  The book is written for consumers who may not have a sophisticated understanding of elder law topics but provides a strong overview for the basis of a conversation with an elder care attorney (Jan Warner is an attorney) and being knowledgeable ahead of time.  The authors identify common problems that retirees have encountered from their experience and place those problems and their solutions (both preventative and reactionary) in clear language that should raise an ‘aha’ moment for readers.  If you’re looking for something to start thinking about topics for yourself or others, Next Steps is a good starting point.