SHN’s Review of CNBC’s Boomer$! Hosted by Tom Brokaw

As a regular watcher of CNBC, I have been looking forward to watching “Boomer$!” and have seen some of CNBC’s other documentaries and thought some of them did a very good job at outlining the topics that they were covering.  I felt the best was David Faber’s “House of Cards” which did a great job of explaining the housing boom and bust from the angles of both wall street, main street and those somewhere in the middle.

Boomer$! looks at the history of boomers by looking back at some of the pivotal events that shaped the 78 million US residents born between 1946-64.  The show breaks down those events into Woodstock (Music/Sexual Revolution), Civil Rights (Race) and the war in Vietnam (War/Politics).  According to the documentary, these three events were important inflexion points for the boomers as they believed that their generation could change the world and gave them a sense of force and empowerment.  Over the course of Boomers lives, the show notes the mentality shift from ideological to massive consumerism & materialism. 

Interviews with Tom Hanks, former President Bill Clinton and members of the Baby Boomer generation from the University of Michigan provide a good context when talking to members of the generation.  The program briefly addresses housing and technology (some of our favorite topics) at a cursory level, talking about small buttons on devices and the mindset of wanting to live in communes to mc-mansions and now moving back down the housing spectrum.


If you’re looking for how Boomers will define the next 20 years, this is not your show.   It’s a good documentary and a pretty entertaining and educational two hour show.  What Brokaw said of the Baby Boomer generation can be said for the show, full of hope and promise.  Brokaw does not hesitate when he calls the generation “unrealized”…a fitting way to leave the story open as none of us know the impact that this group will have on the world the next 20 years.