Del Webb Survey Previews Boomer Preferences On Retirement Housing

The Del Webb division of Pulte Homes recently announced a “preview” of the results of its 2010 Del Webb Baby Boomer Survey.  In late 2009, Pulte Homes conducted a survey among different baby boomer populations that were at the company’s own facilities.  The survey included input from younger boomers turning age 50 in 2010 and older boomers turning age 64 in 2010.  The most important considerations in selection of retirement housing from the respondents were cost of living and healthcare.  The results showed that interest in age-restricted appears to peak after age 50 and those that are planning to move again, almost 10 to 1 indicated a preference for an age restriction in their next choice for housing.

The survey showed some of the following:

  • About 1/3 of Baby Boomers plan to move to a new home during retirement.
  • The desire to move during retirement is on the rise as 42% of today’s 50-year-olds plan to do so as compared to 36% among the 1996 50-year-olds.
  • Approximately 50% of both age groups who plan to move during retirement plan to move to a different state while about 25% of them plan to move to a different city within the same state.
  • The Carolinas are the New Florida among both the younger and older Baby Boomers.  Florida, Tennessee and Arizona also remain Top contenders.
  • 50-year-old’s ranking of where to move: S. Carolina (20%), N. Carolina (16%), Florida (15%), Tennessee (9%), Arizona (8%), California (8%), and Virginia (8%).
  • 64-year-old’s ranking of where to move: N. Carolina (19%), S. Carolina (16%), Florida (15%), Tennessee (12%), Virginia (10%), Arizona (6%), and California (6%).

2010 Del Webb Baby Boomer Survey