Aspen Assisted Living Facility Increases Residency Requirement To 10 Years

Thinking about moving to Aspen for retirement?  Yes, we were contemplating that locale too but with an average market value for homes listed as of December 2009 at $1,665,463, maybe renting would be the better option.  The Aspen Times ran an article entitled “Aspen assisted-living facility boosts eligibility requirement” that stated that the requirement for those who want to live in the Whitcomb Terrace assisted living facility live in the community for 10 years before they are eligible to live there.  At rents for the units ranging from $3,800 to $4,700 per month(low to moderate income?), the season ski pass at $1559 for seniors seems like a hell of a deal.  Don’t forget about the wait list which may take 10 years to clear.