Edgewood Retirement Community Announces New Alzheimer’s & Cognitive Impairment Program

Edgewood Retirement Community recently announced its new Cognitive Impairment Program called The Garden Path.   The new program, beginning in January 2010 and accepting resident inquires now, is part of The Meadows at Edgewood, a skilled nursing center which already features short-term rehabilitation services (which Edgewood will be further enhancing in Spring 2010) as well as long term and end of life care. For residents not requiring this level of medical support, Edgewood also provides independent living in apartments, as well as new single family homes called The Villages –both options that come with access to a nurse practitioner at the onsite wellness center.

“With The Garden Path Program we really wanted to create something special that would bring the highest level of care to residents,” said Marlene Rotering, Director of Edgewood Retirement Community. “By bringing together a strong and innovative care program, the deep knowledge and commitment of our nursing staff, and the science of healthcare design we feel we’ve really been able to achieve this.”


Highlights from the program include:

Highlights include:

  • Group exercise programs and daily walking teams, as well as a healthy snack program to promote fitness, energy, and self-care.
  • A calming sensory room where residents can reconnect with their senses e.g. hearing via music, instruments and rain sticks; touch with containers of shells, yarn, wood pieces and sand; smell through sachets of lemon, coffee, lavender or fresh cut grass, and sight with a fireplace, aquarium, art supplies, photographs, and cookbooks.
  • Aromatherapy for individuals – or in groups- a particularly good approach if residents have lost their verbal abilities.
  • Compassionate Touch Therapy which includes regular, loving interaction with therapy dogs and other animals.
  • Opportunities for residents to make a snack or to cook or bake with a staff member in the community country kitchen designed with special safety features.
  • A creative writing group which allows residents to explore and capture their thoughts, feelings and ideas.
  • Expressive or Creative Arts Therapy which employs storytelling, dance, drama, movement, poetry and visual arts to help residents express their feelings and heal.