SQLC Foundation Announces Edgemere Partnership with Center for BrainHealth at UTD

Senior living community developer Senior Quality Lifestyles Corporation (SQLC) and the SQLC Foundation recently announced a partnership between Dallas-based Edgemere retirement community and the Center for BrainHealth at The University of Texas at Dallas.  The UT Dallas Center for BrainHealth® was founded in 1999 by Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman and has comprehensive approach to brain research by focusing on all aspects of brain health rather than only identifying disorders and that its’ clinicians and researchers work side-by-side, picking up where traditional treatment leaves off through long-term follow-up.SQLCUTD


The partnership will include Center for BrainHealth scientists discussing current topics that focus on maintaining a healthy brain and BrainHealth Physicals for Edgemere residents which would examine abilities such as reasoning, abstract thinking, strategic learning, and mental flexibility.  Residents at Edgemere would have the opportunity to participate in research studies that would measure the increase in cognitive performance as a result of moving into a community-like setting.

“This partnership has the possibility to change the way society views retirement living and realize the true benefits, both physically and emotionally, that come from it,” said SQLC Foundation president Cary Clayborn.  “The groundwork that’s been laid with the donation from the SQLC Foundation has the capacity to change lives.”

“The health benefits that could come from the Center for BrainHealth working with Edgemere are endless,” said Dr. Sandra Chapman, chief director and professor for the Center for BrainHealth and The University of Texas at Dallas.  “Our initiatives have the potential to yield never before seen results within the medical community, which is very exciting for all involved.”