Midway College Partners To Develop Neighboring Retirement Community Next To Campus

Midway College announced last month that it had finalized an agreement with Christian Care Communities, Kentucky’s largest faith-based provider of senior housing and long-term care services, for an option to purchase sufficient land for developing a “Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)” adjacent to Midway College’s campus in Midway, Kentucky.

“Midway College is pleased to have developed a collaborative agreement with the Christian Care Communities. With a healthcare facility like this adjacent to our campus it will allow students the opportunity to gain real world nursing experience as part of the curriculum,” said Drake.


Dr. Keith Knapp, CEO of Christian Care Communities noted that this project could become Kentucky’s first “Lifelong Learning Retirement Community” co-locating a CCRC with a college or university. “It is an approach to senior living that has been demonstrated effectively elsewhere and that honors people’s desire to remain engaged in life.”

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