Mr. Roboto Meets Hal: Robots Invade Japanese Senior Housing

terminator A USA Today article entitled, “A glimpse of the future: Robots aid Japan’s elderly residents” profiled some of the technology that was exhibited at AASHA’s conference in Chicago last week focused on seniors and assistive technologies.  The Robot Suit "HAL" from Japanese Cyberdyne, Inc. is strapped to stroke victims or physcially challenged seniors and provides assistance lifting and boosting them to a standing position and assists with walking.  The article talks about the positives of utilization of the system when it comes to costs and assistance in the Japanese elder care industry but also addresses some of the critics that include seniors who have used the technology in action.  Based upon reading the article, it seems the system is in version 1.0 or 2.0 and that future versions of the system and more robotic products will be evolving in the coming years.  Just like another famous actor turned “Governator”, this technology will not only ‘be back’, but will be improved.

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