Senior Living Communities Announces Partnerships with OmniCare and MedAssure

Senior Living Communities (SLC), a Charlotte, N.C.-based owner/operator of luxury retirement communities located in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, announced new partnerships with OmniCare and MedAssure.  The partnerships will bring the latest advancements in technology and person-centered care to its communities and the residents by streamlining their pharmaceutical needs.  OmniCare will provide personalized packages for SLC’s assisted-living residents, color-coded and equipped with bar codes for quick and easy identification.   OmniCare will also introduce OmniView, a Web-based communications program, to all ten Senior Living Communities that enables communication between physicians, dieticians, administrators and direct-caregivers while giving family members instant, electronic access to medical information about their loved one.

“The goal of this partnership is to install accurate and efficient pharmaceutical processes in every Senior Living Community,” said Marie Williams, OmniCare’s national director of customer development.  “SLC is an innovative, progressive company dedicated to providing the best of care for their residents, and OmniCare is an industry frontrunner in promoting positive health for seniors.  It’s a natural partnership.”


SLC identified a need for an in-home, management system for independent residents and OmniCare will service the independent resident populations of all ten Senior Living Communities, providing the campuses with pouch-packaged medication labeled and stored in each individual’s private home.  The medicine pouches are designed specifically for dispersal through MedAssure, a counter-top computer capable of storing and dispensing medication at a scheduled time.  Residents program alerts into MedAssure and the computer notifies its user when it is time to take their medication.  The machine continues to prompt users to take their medication until the correct pouch is removed.  MedAssure is also capable of sending text or e-mail messages to residents, family members or caregivers if they prefer a text reminder instead of an audible alarm.  

“MedAssure is designed to make life easier for people,” said Chris Willoughby, MedAssure’s inventor and CEO.  “We’re excited about the partnership because SLC understands once people lose their independence, they lose their dignity.”