Boston-Based Assisted Living Company Launches Diet and Nutrition Program To Promote Cognitive Health and Lower the Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Senior Living Residences (SLR), a Boston-based company providing Alzheimer’s care to New England seniors, has been implementing a cognitively protective diet and nutrition program at its independent and assisted living communities. Following a research-based model of treatment and care and placing a strong emphasis on innovation, SLR is the first assisted living company in the nation to offer the Memory Preservation Nutrition® program in its communities and has been working on the implementation of the program for the past two years.

The Memory Preservation Nutrition® program, developed by and implemented in conjunction with internationally recognized expert Nancy Emerson Lombardo, PhD, adjunct research assistant professor of neurology at the Boston University School of Medicine and president of Health Care Insights, LLC, is a unique evidence-based program incorporating foods and spices, specifically selected for their nutrient-rich properties and linked in research to healthy cognition, into everyday diet to improve overall brain health.


“Individuals researching Alzheimer’s disease believe changes and damage in the brain begins well before there are any symptoms of the disease. Following the Memory Preservation Nutrition® program, even if you are not noticing changes to your memory, can be an important step to take to protect your own brain health. The Memory Preservation Nutrition® program becomes even more important for those already experiencing problems,” according to Dr. Emerson Lombardo.

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