Motion Picture Television Funds Spills Details On Fiscal Challenges Leading To Nursing Home Closure

The economy has got everyone down, even the stars of Hollywood.  The Motion Picture Television Fund (MPTF) which provides health care services exclusively for the union and non-union entertainment community based in California has confirmed that it plans to close its 150 bed long term care unit.  The high costs of operating a nursing home have affected the MPTF and it has announced that it is closing down much to the disappointment of current residents.  While the home has provided alternatives for residences, there are loud protests from not only residents but their families. 

The Motion Picture and Television Fund had a shortfall in 2008 of over $18 million and fifty percent of the shortfall – approximately $9 million – was attributable to the Hospital and 150-bed Long Term Care Unit (LTCU).  The other health care and charitable programs provided by the Fund to over 60,000 entertainment industry members and their families, including social services, residential subsidies, senior care programs and financial assistance accounted for the rest.

The full information posted presented a pretty bleak financial view of operating the small nursing home for the fund.


For the full financial details released by MPTF, click here.