Australian Senior Living Provider Posts Loss & Echoes US Sentiments

Interested in international senior housing or want to see an investor presentation of a publicly traded, non-US senior living company that’s more than fluff?  Publicly traded Australian senior living provider Aevum posted an annual loss for the year of $12 million (AUS dollars) and the company announced with its fiscal year end results that its not going to provide guidance for the coming year due to abnormal market conditions and echoed that it hopes to see “green shoots” in FY 2010.  The company provided an extensive investor presentation on its operations and trends in Australian senior housing.

Aevum is one of the largest owners of for-profit retirement living accommodation in New South Wales, with 17 villages. The company also operates 4 villages in Western Australia and describes itself as an integrated retirement living partner for Australian Seniors to age in place, with property solutions throughout the ‘Continuum of Care’, from independent units, to assisted living services and Aged Care.

For the presentation, click here.