Bank Branches In Senior Living Communities A Money Losing Proposition For Bankers?

Many banks and financial institutions have announced branch openings in different senior living communities across the United States in the last few years, including a recent announcement for the National Bank of Arizona opening open at Classic Residence at Silverstone.  In some cases, banks are simply putting an ATM that accepts deposits while others are putting a full service banking branch offering checking, savings, loans, investments and insurance.  Are these branches a loss leader or a real opportunity for bankers looking to acquire/convert retail customers?  As banking customers get older, their propensity to save increases substantially.  While these branches may provide some convenience for accessing cash, most seniors have established relationships with trusted advisors and more are increasingly using the internet to manage their personal finances.  Unless there are some powerful products and bankers, these bank branches that have a staffing component may end up turning into ATM locations when bankers realize that seniors may not be comfortable to change their financial relationships and the costs of staffing a branch banking facility do not yield a profitable location at these retirement communities.  Or will the last two years of stock market performance encourage some seniors to take a look at safer investments with a new provider that is located in their “new backyard”?