New Legislation Proposes To Expand Access VA Nursing Homes For Gold Star Parents

Nevada Senator John Ensign and Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) recently introduced legislation to expand access to care for Gold Star parents that will allow access to VA Nursing Homes to parents who have lost a child in service to our country. Currently, Gold Star parents may receive care in a VA home only if they have lost all of their children in service to our country.  This matter was brought to Senator Ensign’s attention by the Nevada Office of Veterans’ Services and the National Association of State Veterans’ Homes because they are currently in a situation where they must deny admission to Gold Star parents if they have any surviving children.  This legislation would change the stipulation to permit entry into a VA Nursing Home to any parent who has lost a son or daughter fighting in the armed services.  The Senate is currently considering the National Defense Authorization Act and Ensign is working across the aisle to have this plan added to this bill.

"Giving your life for your country is the greatest sacrifice you can make," said Ensign. "These men and women do so with the hope that their families will be cared for by their country.   It simply doesn’t make sense to stipulate that parents must lose all of their children in service to their country before they are eligible to receive care in a VA home," said Ensign. "Losing a child to war is a stunning and life altering event, which is why I am pushing for this bipartisan legislation to become law in the coming weeks."