Downgrading Assisted Living Service To Senior Apartments With Home Care To Avoid Costs?

There is no question that operators are under pressure to reduce their operating costs but is the right choice to downgrade your facility and remove service levels to avoid regulation and costs of operating an assisted living facility?  An assisted living facility in Dubuque, Iowa has filed with the state to do just that by removing “on-site” care and reclassifying it as “home care” at a senior apartment building.  According to a well written article by the Des Moines Register, entitled “Assisted living center changing its status to avoid licensing rules”.  The article mentions that the facility has been the recipient of complaints about the quality of the service at the facility but by separating the housing from the health services, the facility will be able to house seniors while reclassifying their care as “home care” and outside the scope of state regulators.  Is this a sneaky move or a wise business decision?  Even if it is sneaky…it will take time for the state to figure out how to counter this move.  Well written article…

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