Is China’s One Child Policy The Root Of Their Senior Living Problem?

The LA Times recently wrote an excellent article that focuses on the question of whether its one child policy is now on the precipice of causing the explosion of its aging population  into a national problem for the burgeoning country.  The article, “China’s elderly will overwhelm the nation”, discusses how the policy may have fueled the economy’s record growth over the past decades but will begin pose a drag on the country’s domestic economy as well as its ability to meet foreign demands for products that are produced in the country.  The most shocking (and opportunistic) part of the article is a graphic that shows how quickly the percentage increase in the elderly ranks grow in comparison to working-age citizens in that country.  Senior housing and living in China presents a real opportunity for investors, architects, developers and operators that have the experience and contacts to broaden their revenue streams.  Some major architectural firms have planted seeds in the Chinese market and are beginning to harvest them by leveraging their domestic experience in order to win contracts there as well as in other parts of the world.  According to the graphic, there’s about 10 years to get it together before the real growth there begins and eventually surpasses the percentage of persons over 60 in the United States.  For the full article, click here.