More Boomers Making Way For Mom And Dad Moving In

In one of the more catchy domain names for senior living in recent memory,, provides a very memorable web address for Home Instead Senior Care (“Home Instead”).  Home Instead recently released a survey that showed 43 percent of adult caregivers in the U.S. ages 35 to 62 live with the parent, stepparent or older relative for whom they or someone else in their household provides care. According to the Home Safety Council, which observes Home Safety Month in June, falls are among the leading causes of home injuries.

"What’s more, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons reports that one in every three Americans older than 65 experiences a fall, making it the leading cause of injuries to seniors," said Home Instead Senior Care Co-Founder and CEO Paul Hogan. "So that’s a notable statistic for anyone who is living with a senior loved one."

Home Instead recommends making these modifications (or at least considering them) before “making way for mama”:


  1. Falls -To make a home safer, remove area rugs on and near the top and bottom of stairs. Make sure railings are on both sides of the stairs.
  2. Security – osteoporosis changes the height of some seniors. How about a lower peephole?
  3. Tripping – A wood transition strip can be installed for changes in floor height between a hallway and the bedroom door entry can be a tripping hazard.
  4. Entry Hazards – Seniors coming to the front door with groceries or other packages may be at risk of dropping their merchandise or, even worse, falling. Family members or a contractor can construct a shelf on the outside of the house on which to set keys and packages.
  5. Burns – Older adults with mobility issues can be vulnerable to cooking accidents. Ovens on the market now open from the side, making it easier for someone in a wheelchair or with a walker.
  6. Lighting – Macular Degeneration and other eye issues can make older adults susceptible to vision problems. Recessed lighting – four lights placed about four feet from the corners of the ceiling – provides excellent bedroom light for older adults.