Is The Theory Of Aging In Place Flawed?

The concept of aging in place has long been held by many as the most cost effective solution for senior housing and one that provides a high degree of satisfaction.  Is that perspective a reality or a commonly held misconception?  Professor Stephen Golant from the University of Florida submitted this paper to Senior Housing News entitled, "Aging in Place Solutions for Older Americans: Groupthink Responses Not Always in Their Best Interests”,  that questions the enthusiasm around aging in place and argues argues that staying put is sometimes an inappropriate strategy to address the housing and care needs of lower-income older homeowners.  The paper provides examines some of the challenges that people in middle to lower income brackets face when choosing senior housing solutions and proposes specific reasons to challenge the mindset of advocates of aging in place such as:

  • Flawed Data and Restricted Options
  • Restricted Financial Solutions
  • The Quality of the Dwelling Environment
  • The Quality of the Caregiving Environment
  • Biased Government Policies

For the full paper, click here.

Stephen M. Golant, PhD, is a Professor of Geography at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida.