Environmental Consulting Firm For Senior Living And Care Industry Launches

Jeffrey Anderzhon, FAIA recently announced the formation of Crepidoma Consulting, a professional firm providing built environmental consulting services to the senior living and care provision industry.  Anderzhon brings 30 years of national and international expertise as well as a unique knowledge of the marketing, financial and design mechanics that are necessary to shepherd a project from concept to reality.   Anderzhon is also the author of “Design for Aging Post Occupancy Evaluations” and is the past chair of the National AIA Design for Aging Knowledge Community.  Currently, he serves on the jury for the Design for Aging Design Symposium and Chair of the Household Models of Care Symposium for the International Association of Homes and Services for the Aging.


“I’m looking forward to serving clients in a whole new way,” said Anderzhon.  “The changing environment lends itself to a new culture of innovative design to meet the needs of a growing population.  Aging Americans are not the quiet generation they were 50 years ago.  Meeting these new needs in a fresh way has always been a goal of mine.  Having studied senior living facilities throughout the world, I know our aging population poses unique challenges that can be addressed by applying the right thought process.”