Ecumen Releases Whitepaper On RN Delegation For Senior Housing And Long-Term Care Facilities

Ecumen, a senior housing and long-term care consultant, last week released a new whitepaper designed to ensure registered nurses (RNs) working in senior housing communities effectively prepare for leadership roles by learning how to delegate tasks in line with state law and patient safety.  Tips for Effective Delegation in Long Term Care is currently available for complimentary download by visiting The Library of Successful Aging on the Ecumen website.  The paper focuses on the improper delegation of nursing tasks transcends beyond assigning duties to the wrong nurse and residents in senior housing communities could be seriously harmed if nurses are not ready to complete patient care duties on their behalf.


"Some state laws, for example, state that RNs are the only nurses who have authority to delegate an appropriate plan of care," states Mary Leber, Director of Consulting Services. "If the LPN or nursing assistant performs an important task incorrectly, the RN is at fault, meaning the RN could lose his or her license and job, while the care center they work could be cited and penalized."


To see the full white paper, visit the website to download Tips for Effective Delegation in Long Term Care.