Touchtown Launches First Emergency Notification System for the Senior Living Industry

Touchtown Inc., has launched Touchtown Companion, a comprehensive safety communication system that instantly and reliably delivers critical information directly from staff to residents even in a complete loss of communications infrastructure.  Instead of relying on vulnerable infrastructure, Touchtown Companion uses a self-organizing, self-healing wireless mesh network that survives even if there is no electrical power, landline phone, cell phone, LAN or internet available. During an emergency, it maintains a secure, survivable, two-way line of communication between senior living staff and residents, so information can be delivered instantly to residents no matter what happens.


“Today’s launch of our emergency notification system marks the beginning of a complete reinvention of safety communications for the senior living industry,” says Jeff Pepper, the founder, President and CEO of Touchtown.


Touchtown Companion uses interactive “base units,” about the size of digital picture frames, that are placed in each resident’s apartment. These base units have a built-in 24 hour battery backup, and are connected to one or more Command Center computers via the wireless mesh network.  Authorized staff uses a browser-based management system on the Command Centers to monitor resident status and deliver emergency messages directly to resident apartments and can be used to target individual residents or groups. 

Christian Living Communities, a Denver-based nonprofit senior living provider, is implementing Touchtown Companion at their Holly Creek continuing care retirement community. CEO Russ DenBraber says “At our community, we have been delivering emergency messages through a call tree where messages may be distorted or not delivered, thus hindering real time communication in case of emergency. We are excited about Touchtown’s new safety product, and are committed to using it in our cottages and apartments.”
Touchtown Companion provides value during non-emergency times, too:

  • It includes an interactive resident check-in feature, enabling residents to easily “check in” every day.  Staff can tailor a check in schedule for each resident, and is notified automatically if a resident fails to check in on time.
  • It fully integrates with Touchtown’s TV+ in-house television system, so residents can use the base units to view a community’s in-house television channel, keeping them informed about daily activities, dining menus, and announcements without having to use their TVs. 
  • It can even serve as a digital picture frame, showing photos emailed from friends and family.

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